Summer Days

 Kohl's maxi dress, H&M blazer and clutch, Francesca's jewelry, Target wedges

This past weekend we celebrated my younger sister's high school graduation. Congratulations, Madeeha! The UC's just weren't ready to let go of a Siddiqui sister just yet ;) 

I helped to plan the bright and colorful party in the park (blog post coming soon!) with grilled foods, refreshing desserts, and fun decorations, and it was a great way to end the weekend. I wore this multi-colored maxi dress to match the vibrant decorations and stay cool on the hot summer day. 

Just this summer, I've managed to accumulate five or six new maxi dresses. I mentioned before I have a soft spot for maxi dresses, so of course, I fell in love with this one by Lily Rose. I don't know if it's obsession or maybe just lack of self-control, but call it what you wish; the only cure is more dresses!