Minty Fresh

Forever 21 mint maxi dress, H&M hot pink blazer and gold braided belt, Target wedges, Kate Spade Gold watch

I wore this colorful ensemble a few weeks ago, the day before graduation. All of my friends and I wanted to take a few final group photos before we all graduated and went our own ways. Of course, the one day we actually all dressed up to get in front of the camera, the photos just didn't seem to come out the way we wanted. Yet, it's funny how even though the photos we hoped to capture some fun moments in didn't work out, we still managed to create so many memories that didn't need photographs to be remembered. 

I had also planned to wear this cropped pink blazer the next day at graduation, but I guess I couldn't wait another day. I mean, new clothes sitting unworn in shopping bags for more than a few days? Blasphemy. It worked out to my advantage though, because it was so hot at graduation anyway that more than one layer of clothing was simply too much under that bulky gown. I love how life has its own ways of working itself out whether its for lifelong memories or my life-altering blazer issues.