Hey P&P fans! 

It's been busy, busy past 2 weeks, but so much has been accomplished! But, most importantly, I'm officially done with school! My final assignment of my undergrad career was completed last Thursday, and now I've gone from full-time student to full-time employee with only a weekend in between! Even though I know it's going to be stressful and difficult, I'm looking forward to starting this first chapter of "real life" with deadlines to meet and bills to pay. So, from now on, you'll find me either glued to the computer at work, or staring at my laptop at home working on revamping Polka Dots and Purses! 

But today, you can find me guest blogging for Ruche in my favorite outfit combo: heels, a blazer, and my new favorite purse obsession! I was so excited to be featured on The Ruche Blog last Friday :) It has been such a pleasure interning here since April, and now I'm glad I can be a more permanent part of the Ruche family!