Fig & Olive

Ruche coated jeans and fedora, Francesca's blouse, Urban Outfitters bag, Cathy Jean suede pumps.

The seasons are definitely starting to change, and I have the tickle in my throat and uncontrollable sneezes to prove it. So, today's post will be short and sweet so I can recover from this cold as soon as possible! 

I recently wore this ensemble to dinner at Fig & Olive--which was absolutely delicious, yet I still don't know how I managed to leave without eating a single olive?! 

Most of the pieces in this outfit have been in my closet for a long time, but I love how I could add a few updates like the hat and red lipstick to make them feel new!

As Valentine's Day approaches, please don't feel like you have to go all out this Friday for all the special people in your lives. As cliche as it sounds, love is something you share and show every day of the year, not a random day in the middle of February! With that said, you know I'll still be festive with lots of reds and pinks on Friday!

So to all my family, friends, and fiancé: I love you all and wouldn't be who I am without you! <3

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