ModCloth Polyvore Challenge

Hi everyone! I know, I know, I didn't post on Monday this week like I usually do, but hey, we all need a break sometimes, right?


 I know what you're thinking: "excuses, excuses, Iman." But don't think I forgot about you all! I'm back today with something super exciting!

Last week, ModCloth reached out to me to participate in their Uniquely You Polyvore Campaign/Contest, and I am so excited! They asked me to create an ensemble around the the Shoreline Memories Dress, and I had so much fun browsing their site to design an outfit. I also may or may not have added several items to my wish list during this process!

ModCloth Shoreline Memories Dress by imans22

The first thing I thought of when looking at this dress was nautical. The sailor-esque collar, classic print, and the yellow details...I mean, it must be called the Shoreline Memories Dress for a reason, right? But, I never like the idea of taking themes literally. So, instead of gravitating toward bright red and navy blue, I went with a softer and more nautical-inspired and Spring appropriate look. 

Shoes: What screams spring better than the color mint? No matter how many times we see it every single spring, it really never goes out of style. Mint with mustard? An unexpected combination, but one that reminds me of collecting seashells along the sunny beach.

Jewelry: Ok, so the knot bracelet may be a little bit more literal than I had hoped. But, it's subtle enough so that it doesn't make you look like you're wearing a sailor costume! Plus a little knot detail and some gold sparkle never hurt anyone. The earrings tie in with the mint in the wedges, and don't they remind you of the helm (steering wheel) of a ship?!

Purse: I love the color blocking in this bag. The black complements the black print of the dress, while the light brown helps soften the look to work with the mint details. And how cute is the floral detailing that picks up on the mint shoes and jewelry? And of course, the little gold bow is simply perfect for a bit of sparkle to match the jewelry. 

Hope you all enjoy my outfit!

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