Jordan Photo Diary

The Dead Sea

During our trip in December, we also had the chance to visit Jordan. We were there for a couple days, and we were able to see the famous Dead Sea and one of the wonders of the world-the City of Petra. Touring Petra was one of the most fun days we spent there. We had beautiful weather, got a chance to hike through the rocks to the Treasury (entrance to the city), and rode horses through the city. There is no question as to why this is one of the wonders of the world--it's breathtaking in it's own way. It was incredible to think about how the people who lived there thousands of years ago carved an entire city out of the rocks without even a fraction of the technology we have today.

Beautiful statement jewelry on display in one of the rest areas we stopped at on our way to Petra 

There were so much unique home decor pieces at the rest stop too. If they weren't so large and heavy, I'm sure a lot would have come home with us!

Petra-City of Rocks

(Kind of creepy) statue in the rocks on our way to The Treasury of Petra

The Treasury: Entrance to the city of Petra

The area around the Dead Sea was literally dead. The black and white marble looking areas are salt deposits. 

Forever 21 Skirt, Old Navy Sweater 

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