Adventure Awaits

Last weekend, I was eager for an adventure. Like, all day Friday, I kept telling my roommates how I wanted something exciting to happen. Of course, Friday night, at 10:45pm after we had changed into our pajamas, gotten into bed, and come to the conclusion that nothing out of the ordinary was happening, our building's fire alarm went off. So we hurried out of bed, cell phones and keys in hand, and headed outside to see what was going on. It ended up being a false alarm, and the fire department came to turn of the (extremely annoying) alarms. That was enough adventure for me, and I vowed never to ask for something exciting to happen again. Yeah--that promise lasted for about 24 hours. 

On Sunday, I decided we were getting out and exploring, no matter what. So, we headed over to Laguna Beach. It's only 20-25 minutes away from where we live, but we somehow manage to never take advantage of it! We spent a few hours browsing art galleries, eating the most delicious chocolate chip cookies (I'm talking uber gooey and chocolatey, fresh out of the oven) for only 50 cents a pop, and savoring the beautiful view. We also found ourselves in a candy shop for quite some time, and came out with more candy bars than is acceptable to admit ;)    

A pretty pink heart lollipop-perfect for getting into the Valentine's Day spirit!

Such cute packaging on these delicious Lindt chocolate bars!

My weekend outfit perfect for exploring-- a breezy embroidered blouse, my favorite jeans, and sandals

A fun wall in a colorful shop that sold soaps, perfumes, and bath salts

Beautiful packaging and heavenly scents--I wanted them all!

Giant soaps shaped like colorful rocks--what a practical way to spice up your bathroom decor

The cutest giant rubber duck display!

This weekend reminded me how important it is to appreciate the little things around us that we start to take for granted. Whether it's the friends in our lives, the perfect weather we've become accustomed to, or the beauty that surrounds us--we should take some time to realize how lucky we are to have everything we do because there's always someone out there who might not be as fortunate. And, I'm not going to stop searching for adventure because that's what keeps life so fresh and exciting!