Gray and Blush

H&M white tee, Tilly's gray jeans, Ruche scarf an sunglasses, Target blush heels, Tory Burch purse, Kate Spade watch, All jewelry from The Dot

I am currently loving soft color combinations like this gray and blush, especially as we transition into Spring! Ok, we didn't really have a winter to transition from--but, you know what I mean. I love that this outfit is so basic--it's literally a pair of jeans with a white shirt. I've never been a jeans-and-tee kind of girl, but lately, I've been totally okay with easy and neutral basics. And by totally okay, I mean that I wore this outfit twice in the past week. Hey, if it works, it works.  

This week (and my inbox) is full of wedding planning! It's going to be super busy, but I can't wait to get the ball rolling and get things checked off my never ending lists! Happy Tuesday, friends!

StyleIman Siddiqui2 Comments