Black and White Embroidered Tunic

Embroidered blouse (similar here), H&M pants (old, similar here), Ruche sandals (old, similar here), Michael Kors watch (similar here and here), Kate Spade handbag (similar here)

This week started out very busy (but productive!) with a Monday that consisted of driving to the airport, three different meetings, several wedding-related phone calls, filing my taxes, skipping lunch to go over color-coded spreadsheets, and finally doing laundry that was ignored all last week. It's one fancy life I lead over here, guys with taxes and dirty laundry on Monday mornings. This whole "being and adult" thing? SO overrated. 

Lately, I've been toting my life around in this structured black bag. And by "my life" I mean anything and everything. (My mom often asks me if I'm carrying rocks in my purse because it's so heavy.) I feel like as I get older, my purses get heavier and heavier. Is this what adulthood is? Heavy bags and filing taxes? Man, have I been misinformed. 

Last week I spent lots of time with my family and closest friends brunching, shopping, and eating some more. It's such a great feeling when the entire family is together! It seems to get harder to get us all in the same place as we grow up and have our own busy schedules, and it's something I'm definitely going to miss when I move. At least in Chicago,  I'll have someone to help carry my heavy purses, right Aamir? ;) I guess growing up isn't half bad after all.