Wedding Wednesday: Choosing Colors

Happy Wednesday, friends! Last month, wedding planning took a back seat while I focused on grad school applications and interviews, so I apologize for the lack of wedding updates. But, I'm back this month with wedding planning in full swing!

As someone who has been in the event planning industry for the past four years, I've seen how important colors are to an event, especially a wedding. Colors set the mood, they are often culturally or traditionally significant, and they make or break the photos. Offering color palette suggestions to my clients is, of course, much easier than trying to make the decision for my own wedding. You see, when someone asks my favorite color, I can't pick just one. So as I'm trying to pick a color scheme for the most important day of my life, I'm kind of a hot, colorful mess.

I'm definitely a "Pinterest Bride." I mean, if you saw the amount of boards I have dedicated to floral arrangements, table settings, and outfit inspiration, you'd wonder if I do anything else all day long. I even recently came across this Wedding Color Planner, and I love the way it uses Pinterest to curate perfectly color coordinated boards. I think I've basically imagined my wedding in every color combination and season possible since the planner is so user-friendly and customizable.

One of my favorite boards is the Bright Red Winter Wedding. I've always imagined a traditional Indian wedding day, so this board is the perfect starting point for me since it features beautiful South Asian outfit inspiration with complementary event details. 

I'm able to narrow down seasons, colors, and even color shades (metallic, bright, muted, etc). Plus once I pick my favorites, I can immediately choose invitations to match from Wedding Paper DivasAnd I thought I knew how to guide brides in color choices? I think I might be out of a job here.

I'm also loving the Metallic Pink Fall Wedding board for bridal shower inspiration. It's the perfect mix of girly and glam with vintage touches--exactly what I imagine my shower to be like!

After perusing this planner, the top 3 things I'm sticking to as I build my color palette:

The time of year during which you're getting married determines the types of flowers and foods that will be available, so it's important to keep these things in mind when picking a color theme. That being said, I'm all about breaking the rules, so if you really want a winter white wedding in the middle of summer, you do you, girlfriend. 

Forget the matchy-matchy
Basically, don't spend hours matching the envelope liner of your wedding invitation to the lipstick you're going to be wearing on your wedding day. While you want to stay consistent in the colors you pick so it remains aesthetically pleasing, remember that choosing colors that complement each other will look more sophisticated and be a lot easier on you, your decorator and your budget!  

Stay true to yourself
It's important to pick colors that are representative of your personality and style. If you didn't love them before, why would you love them on your wedding day?

What are your thoughts on choosing colors for your wedding day? Would you use something like a Wedding Color Planner? Share your thoughts in the comments below!