Rainy Day

ASOS Trench Coat, Ann Taylor Sweater (old, similar), Jeans, Old Navy Booties (old, similar), Forever 21 Hat (old, similar),  Just Fab Tote (old, similar)

We took these shots a couple months ago, and for some strange reason, they never made it up onto the blog! (Sorry, Aamir!) Case of the missing rainy day photos has been solved, and they're up today!

For someone who really doesn't like rain, I sure do love me a good trench coat. I mean, I'll come up with any reason to wear a trench coat, but if it's actually raining outside, I'm staying in. Don't worry, I see you rolling your eyes. Honestly, I think it's the California girl inside of me. We didn't have snow days, but we definitely had rain days. A hint of rain? Netflix with a big bowl of popcorn, of course, was the game plan.

My favorite part about this trench coat is the pleated, dress-like design. It's feminine and fitted, but still functional. It's a girly twist on a classic trench, and works perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe. I also would like to take a moment of silence for this umbrella. It just wasn't fit to survive the Windy City, and after several incidents of flipping inside out (and embarrassing me on the way to work), its time was up.   

This weekend is Aamir's birthday, and I hope the weather isn't too bad so we can go out and celebrate. We're already home bodies as it is, and if it's cold and rainy, we definitely won't leave the apartment! What do you like to do when it's raining outside? Share in the comments below!

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