Bora Bora Travel Diary - Tahiti

ASOS dress, Tory Burch sandals and cross body, Target fedora, Ray Ban aviators

Happy 2016! As most of you might know, I got married a few weeks ago! After a whirlwind of a year of planning, organizing, and perfecting every detail, the wedding week flew by and felt like an absolute dream. Aamir and I are so excited to finally be at this part of our lives, and we are thrilled to be sharing our lives with each other.

For our honeymoon, we spent a few days in Tahiti and Bora Bora. To say it was like paradise is an understatement. It was beautiful no matter what direction we turned in. We still can't stop talking about the clear blue water, the perfect weather, and the sheer natural beauty of the islands. We spent the first day in Tahiti, exploring, eating, and taking lots of pictures. We loved that the overall atmosphere was very laid back. We truly got to experience the real meaning of relaxing. I wore this flowy and very lightweight printed maxi dress with sandals and minimal accessories. It was a welcome change from the heavy Indian clothes and high heels I had been wearing the week before!

We took a cab to the "downtown" of Tahiti where we grabbed some popcorn (of course!) and took a walk around the city. There were several little shops filled with dresses and sarongs, a movie theater, and restaurants. After a couple hours, we headed back to our hotel where we took a quick nap and headed to the airport for the 45-minute flight to Bora Bora for the rest of the week. This dress was more than comfortable for traveling in, too. We enjoyed piña coladas and grilled fish all week paired with LOTS of fries. I think we ate fries every single day, and we are so not ashamed of it. Stay tuned for more pictures of our trip!