Elevating my Morning Routine with Pajama Sutra

Most of you only see me through the edited world of blog photos and Instagram, where I, like so many others, choose to show the best version of myself in a perfectly curated snapshot. But behind the perfectly lit and edited photos of my planned "OOTDs," I'm just a normal girl trying trying to balance a job, getting my MBA, and being a wife. And, with most of my weekdays running full speed from 8am to 9pm, it can become hard to find some time to spend on myself. While most people take the evenings to relax, I'm usually either studying, spending time with my husband, or (most likely) sleeping when I get home. So, mornings are basically the only time I have to myself!

Until recently, after my morning showers, you could find me in sweats and a boxy tee or in a shapeless terry cloth bath robe as I did my hair and makeup for the day. It wasn't cute, but it was what I had been doing for years, and my beauty routine was my "me-time." But, no matter how excited I was about my outfit or makeup for the day, I didn't feel pretty or put together until I was completely done getting dressed, usually just moments before heading out the door. However, when Sarena from PajamaSutra sent me the Tara Robe a couple months ago, my mornings transformed completely. PajamaSutra aims to make women feel like "goddesses" even when they are lounging, and their #LoungelikeaGoddess campaign inspired me to do just that. Now, I feel girly and pretty from the moment my day begins, and that small bit of confidence makes a huge difference in my productivity for the day.

Following this "Lounge Like A Goddess" philosophy, PajamaSutra designs loungewear like pajamas, robes, and lounge pants with feminine and luxurious details like flattering silhouettes, vibrant colors, and rose water infused into each piece. (Seriously, I've never received a package that smelled so heavenly!) When I discovered the brand, I immediately knew it was a perfect fit (literally!) for my girly wardrobe and love of elevating everyday style. It never occurred to me that this could be done through lounge and sleepwear as well! The luxuriously soft and airy fabrics, beautiful prints, and feminine cuts--this is truly loungewear heaven!

I love that PajamaSutra's products make perfect gifts for any woman who deserves to be reminded that she is beautiful and should make herself a priority in her life. Whether it be your mom who puts everyone before herself, your sister who refuses to let go of her tattered sweats from high school, or your bride-to-be best friend, all women should be celebrated and reminded they deserve to #LoungelikeaGoddess. PajamaSutra has graciously offered my readers 20% off any purchase with code POLKADOTS, so head right over to their site to treat yourself and the women you love to some pretty loungewear!      

For all you girls out in Southern California, PajamaSutra will be exhibiting a bridal show in Orange County this month, so if you would like to see and feel these luxurious pieces in person, be sure to check out the Wedding Show for the Modern Bride on October 23rd at the Hyatt Recency in Orange County!

Who knew that something as simple as a cotton robe could make mornings, dare I say it, something I look forward to?! I am in love with my Tara Robe, and I can't wait to hear about how you obsess over your PajamaSutra favorites! Don't forget to use code POLKADOTS for 20% off :)