Summer in November

H&M Blouse, Old Navy Denim, Jessica Simpson Sandals, Michael Kors Bag 

The cold has been teasing us for the last couple weeks, so I had a chance to wear some sweaters and boots, but before I could officially put away my summer clothes, we were hit with 70 degree weather and sunshine. This weekend was sunny and warm-- completely unexpected but definitely not unwanted--so it was only fitting to share this summery outfit with you all this week. I basically wore this outfit, or some version of it, all summer long, and I'm glad I got to pull these pieces out one last time this year.

Since last week, I have felt fortunate to be part of some very historical moments. From the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, to today's extremely important Presidential Election Day, I am lucky to be witnessing these events firsthand. It's amazing to see and be part of the strong community atmosphere where everyone comes together despite their differences. I can only hope this continues to be the case after tonight's election results. 

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