Fourth of July Inspiration | Vancouver Style Diary

Forever 21 Maxi Dress (sold out, similar here) Forever 21 Denim Jacket (old, similar here), Michael Kors purse (similar here), Kate Spade sunglasses (old, similar here)

Guys, ever since we've gotten back from Vancouver, I've seen so many of my friends on Facebook and Instagram posting about the same things we did while we were there! It's funny because I had never heard about a lot of the Vancouver "touristy" things to do, and now it seems like I'm seeing them everywhere. Anyway, Vancouver was so beautiful, and I hope you all get to experience it some day!

On the second day of our trip (See our first day here!), we spent the day in Victoria. It was a 30 minute ride by sea plane from Vancouver to Victoria that morning. I got to sit next to the pilot! Our first stop was to eat (of course). We enjoyed a decadent breakfast at the Fairmont Empress Hotel while admiring the chateau-style architecture and surrounding gardens. After taking a bus tour of the city and getting an idea of the history of the area, we headed to the Butchart Gardens. Strolling through the colorful gardens while eating gelato was the perfect way to spend the afternoon before getting on a boat back to hotel in Vancouver. 

What we thought was going to be a long and uneventful 3 hour boat ride ended up being one of the most exciting parts of the day. About half way through the ride, our captain said we would take a slight detour because there had been a whale sighting. At first, we didn't see anything. But about 15 minutes later, one of the passengers yelled "WHALE!" and the boat came to a sudden halt. For almost half an hour, we witnessed 9 or 10 killer whales literally just hanging out around our boat! It was absolutely surreal to see the huge creatures in their natural habitat. 

This red crepe maxi dress and light denim jacket were great for the warm temperatures during our trip. I love how airy and comfortable the dress it. I'm actually thinking of wearing this look again for the Fourth of July next week. The red and blue together is super festive, and I could switch out the brown bag for a white one to really fit the theme. My favorite part about the Fourth is the fireworks (and the day off from work, of course). But watching the fireworks is always so fun. This year, it'll be double the celebration since Eid might be the next day!