Flowing Blue Maxi Skirt

Morning Lavender Skirt (Also available in blush and  yellow!), Ann Taylor Tee, White House Black Market Purse, Jessica Simpson Sandals, Kate Spade Sunnies

And just like that, it's September, guys. Even the weather knows it; it went from being hot and humid yesterday to cool and breezy today. But, we do have a few more weeks left of summer, so before we get too deep into fall, I thought I'd share this summery outfit. And by summery, I mean I wore this during the peak of summer (aka July 4th weekend). So, yeah, it's a little late.. like 2 months late, and I know Aamir is probably cringing as he's reading this because he's constantly encouraging me to stay on top of my posting schedule. Sorry, please accept my public apology! :)  

Anyway, you guys know my love for skirts--As seen here and here and in my last post!. This gorgeous blue skirt is one that I had been eyeing since last year! It sold out so fast, that it was gone before I could even consider putting it in my shopping cart. This year, it sold out again, and I had basically come to terms with the fact that it would never make it to my closet. But after a few weeks of regretting being too late again, (I'm seeing a trend here with me being late for things...) it came back into stock and I didn't hesitate clicking "Add to Cart." I have to say, it was a good decision. Finding good quality fully lined maxi skirts these days is not easy!  

With school back in full swing, summer feels like a dream that ended way too quickly. But, we have a few things we're looking forward to in the next couple weeks-- Eid is coming up and we have another wedding to attend. I'm doing my best to stay on top of my course work so I can enjoy the upcoming events to the fullest!

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