Ted Baker 1

Ted Baker Camel Wrap Coat (on sale now!), Ted Baker Purse, Express Lace Tee, Old Navy black denim, Shoes via TJ Maxx

I always used to think that black and brown could never go together, but after pairing this camel coat with an all black outfit, I have a whole new perspective. In fact, now I almost always wear this coat with something black! It's funny how a little step outside of your comfort zone can give you so many more options. And, this idea doesn't only apply to my wardrobe. As my MBA graduation draws closer (2 weeks to go!), it reminds me how just one decision to step outside of my comfort zone and choose to go to business school, that too away from home, broadened my career perspectives and outlook on life. I can't believe that a year and a half has gone by so quickly and how much I've learned in such a short time frame. I enjoyed my time here in Chicago, but I am thrilled to be moving back to California to put my degree to use (and put some of these coats in storage for a while!!). 

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