Perfect Time for Plaid

Ruche Plaid Blouse (similar) and fedora, Forever 21 Cardigan (similar), Tilly's boyfriend jeans, Target booties and purse, The Dot jewelry, Michael Kors watch (on SALE now!)   

I bought this blouse and sweater months ago in the initial excitement of Fall. Of course, the closest we've gotten to it feeling like autumn around here is the abundance of pumpkin flavor (Please tell me you think this is weird). It finally cooled down a little bit this week, and I actually wore a sweater and boots to my class on Monday morning. But, by 10:30am it was 75 degrees, and I was forced to change into a t-shirt and sandals. Well, it was nice while it lasted (You know, the entire 2 hours of it). You take what you can get, right?

Growing up, I always said my favorite season was summer. But, I've definitely developed a liking for the cooler seasons now too. There's something about the plaid, fur, and hats that I could get used to. Getting cozy in warm blanket scarves, cable knit sweaters, and boots is so special-especially with the whole family. Plus, I've always found it so much easier to get dressed in the fall than in the summer. Since I prefer to dress modestly, getting dressed in the warmer months is a bit of a struggle when I'm trying to stay cool but still maintain more coverage. In the fall, it's layers galore and I love it!

A huge thanks to my friend and roommate Sohini for finding this pretty location and shooting this outfit!

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